Enjoy Mind Relaxing Hot water and many other Hotel facilities -“True value for Money”

Its ensures that every sip you take is purely delicious and the finest drinking water system.

Bask in the warm tropical weather as you take leisurely comfort in our hotel swimming pool.

The  guests can take a beverage or snacks at any time during their stay.

Rooms are fully equipped with LED television monitor.

24X7 dedicated service & 24X7 hours check out for your convenience.

To secure the safety of your beloved car in our hotel.

All the rooms are equipped with an individually adjustable air conditioning system.

Our high-quality rooms offer exquisitely elegant and relax in the spacious breathe.

Hotel Dhanunjaya’s Provides a Delicious food, best service,new taste and best value.

Enjoy Free Internet access when using your own device, wherever you are in our Hotel.

We make business travel easy and more effective.


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